Always striving for excellence
Be it in development or with our partners, our main focus will always be at the top of the game
Bringing the fun back into gaming
What's the point in gaming if it's not fun? We go all out to improve the quality and heighten the experience for our community
Our aim is to incubate and bring the best gaming experience in and out of Blockchain
A safe and user-friendly environment for our community to trade or sell NFTs comfortably
“ We are a unique platform bringing a cross-gaming experience, in & out of blockchain. Build it Merchants vision is to provide unique tools and experiences for all types of gamers. We strive to support the gaming industry on the customer-side by bringing higher quality gaming into the blockchain space and on the business-side by funding the best projects. ”
Our platform will launch soon. Join the waitlist to try our beta before public launch
Our game aggregator collects and aggregates games from multiple blockchains and provides a single point of access for users to discover, browse, and play a wide range of games.
Browse through a curated selection of blockchain games across different genres and platforms, including mobile, web, PC, and console.
Launch Aggregator
Our Genesis NFT rewards you for your appreciated loyalty and trust in the BiM’s ecosystem. Ownership of our NFT, qualifies you to join exclusive events such as early access and BiM’s partner starter pack drops.


  • Gamer profile/Account Beta
  • Web 2/3 achievement & activity tracker live
  • Genesis NFT mint
  • Marketplace Beta for web3
  • Announcement of BIM first game
  • Game Aggregator Beta


  • Player Account live
  • Marketplace Beta with web2 & web3
  • NFT offering for BIM first game
  • Reward with Genesis staking of incubated project
  • Samsung Pay integration for Fiat solution
  • Game Launcher Beta Development of Layer 3 solution for game


  • Marketplace Live
  • Community features & Gamer Profile live
  • In game Chat & Dex beta
  • Game Aggregator Live
  • BIM first game Alpha
  • Mobile version with Mobile games features Beta
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